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GastroPhobia GastroPhobia (ongoing since 2008)
Single mom barbarian in Ancient Greece
and her spirited youth.

Updated 1-3 times a week.

Marty's Big Day (drawn 2007, redrawn 2010)
Marty has a big day.

24 pages.

3 Little Kittens (2006)
They've lost their mittens.
Will they still have some pie?

Originally published in SVA's Cartooning Portfolio Magazine.

Peter Parker is a Real Cut-up! (2006)
This comic is basically my love-letter to Spider-Man.

Unpublished for obvious reasons.

Tadpole Twins (2006)
When two tadpoles hatch from the same egg, you KNOW someone's going to get their ass kicked. That much is obvious. Hopefully, though, they can also make a few friends along the way.
22 + 1 pages

Evil Circus (2005)
When her cub is kidnapped, an angry mother bear is rampaging in Olympia National Park!
Can a plucky intern forest ranger rescue the cub from the Evil Circus before it's too late?

This comic was my thesis for School of Visual Arts. -- 16 pages

Robot Hunter Squad GO! (2005)
An elite crack team of robot hunters saves the day!

Originally published in the Disposable Parts Anthology.

Advizotron: The Automated Royal Advisor (2005)
A hapless robot gets into trouble.

Originally published in the Disposable Parts Anthology.

A friendly dinosaur helps out his dinosaur pals.
This was originally intended as a children's storybook.

10 pages -- Rated E for Everyone.

Kiss-Kiss PANIC! (2004)
Geiko Yoshizumi has VERY silly, yet ordinary high school life which was turned UPSIDE DOWN thanks to an unexpected KISS! Will she choose the STUDIOUS popular boy-next-door? Or will she choose the MYSTERIOUS rebel Tashira-kun?
Find out in this 7-page unpublished manga!

Choose-Your-Own-Adventure Pac-Man (2004)
A one-page experimental comic.
Decide how Pac-Man will spend his day!

Published in Life Meter Volume 2, 2007.

QUEEN (2003)
Two worker bees hatch a marvlous plan!
Find out why they're doomed to failure here!

Originally published in Furrlough #122.

A Block's Tale (2002)
A one-page tetris comic.

Originally published in Keenspot's L33T #2, 2002.
Later reprinted in Life Meter Volume 2, 2007.

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